Work together,

Think together


Our Values

S. Leclère & Consultants has been a qualified and competent Recruitment & Selection agency since 1973.

We offer our clients a wide range of Human Resources services, and we have developed partnerships with many multinational corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies. We are particularly proud of the long-standing relationships we have with our clients.

One vision, four fundamental values


A serious attitude, responsibility, professionalism… Our business must be practised with great discipline.

Most of our team members hold a Master's degree in Psychology or they are experts in Human Resources. They understand the culture of your company, identify candidates and accurately measure their suitability for the positions to be filled and for the team they will have to work with. Our objective : always strive towards Excellence.


Our business is influenced considerably by technical innovations. Today it is essential that you understand and use the latest tools, but also discover new tests and working methods. This enables us to better communicate, reach, recruit, test and train. As it is the case for all companies and their employees, an ongoing review of processes is mandatory in our opinion.


Ethics, authenticity, openness are fundamental values that we believe in. No secrets, no hidden agendas... We clearly explain to our clients how we operate, the number of candidates received and approached, and our opinion of these various candidates. These ethics also apply to candidates, to how we approach them and communicate with them.

Professional development

Whether it is recruitment, coaching or training, we always ensure that people develop in their job as this is an essential component of efficiency in the company. In the same respect, we also focus on reducing the risks of burn-out, which has become a serious preoccupation for businesses.

Our goal is that candidates leave us after a rewarding experience. This requirement also applies to internal relations within the company.

Work together, think together

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