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Employer Charter

Your expectations, our commitment

Executive Search, recruitment, assessment, coaching, outplacement… Our clients expect us to succeed across the board. To ensure constant success, they must above all be involved. For us to clearly identify their market, their culture and their company strategy, as well as how their teams operate, and finally, the degree to which positions are technical.

Our clients are also sensitive to original solutions and the innovative techniques that we may be able to offer them. They like to be pleasantly surprised by an approach they were not expecting. They also want accurate and serious work. For us to analyse company strategy and candidates in depth.

Finally, our clients want to know exactly how we are going to manage the mission with which they have entrusted us; they want direct, simple and straight relations.

In a few lines, this summarises our commitment to you.
We have implemented this commitment by adopting the employer charter of Federgon of which we are a Certified Member (click here to read the full text):

Professional processing of the vacancy

  1. Leclère & Consultants establishes a professional relationship with the client and reviews specific needs together with the client. In this respect, the parties agree to how Leclère & Consultants can familiarise themselves with the organisation in order to carry out the assignment effectively.
  2. Leclère & Consultants provides the client, in all transparency, clear information about their services and methods. 
  3. Leclère & Consultants only accepts assignments which are permitted under regulations in force. 
  4. Leclère & Consultants only accepts assignments for which we have the necessary expertise. Leclère & Consultants analyses together with the client the degree of difficulty of the assignment.
  5. Leclère & Consultants shall inform the client if a conflict of interest exists and shall only accept an assignment if all stakeholders explicitly agree to make abstraction of this conflict of interest. 
  6. Leclère & Consultants only accepts assignments for positions which are really vacant or which will become vacant in the near future. 
  7. Leclère & Consultants shall prepare an in-depth analysis of the vacant position, including a job description, the required profile and the remuneration package. 
  8. Leclère & Consultants shall represent the client in a professional manner when dealing with candidates, provide accurate information about the company and the vacancy to be filled, and inform candidates about how their application progresses. 
  9. Leclère & Consultants reports regularly to the client on how the assignment is progressing, in a report at least once a month. In this respect, we send the client a report for each candidate. 
  10. Leclère & Consultants guarantees the provision of professional consultancy services and adopts a respectful, impartial and non-discriminatory attitude. This is also the case for the evaluation of candidates selected and included in the procedure by the client. 
  11. Although Leclère & Consultants guarantees professional consultancy services with regard to the proposal of candidates, the client is responsible for the final choice of the candidate. 
  12. The client and Leclère & Consultants agree to all the terms and conditions regarding the follow-up of the candidate by Leclère & Consultants after he has been hired. 
  13. Leclère & Consultants shall specify the terms and conditions of the guarantee that it provides in the contract.

Protection of the client's employee: Off Limits

Leclère & Consultants shall not approach candidates hired through them for a client on behalf of other clients, as long as a commercial relationship exists with the client in question.

Leclère & Consultants shall refrain from approaching employees in the same department of a client for a position elsewhere, unless the wish to change jobs is expressed by the employee himself. This rule shall be applied for a term and scope as agreed with the client; failing such an agreement, the term will be at least one year.

Confidentiality and discretion

  1. All employees working for Leclère & Consultants shall refrain from disclosing any confidential information that has been brought to their knowledge in the performance of their job.
  2. Leclère & Consultants shall ensure that all parties involved show the utmost discretion towards candidates. The disclosure of personal data for any purpose irrelevant to an assignment is not allowed.
  3. Leclère & Consultants show particular discretion and care when approaching candidates during their professional activities.


The contract between the client and Leclère & Consultants includes a specific schedule for each phase of the process.


The parties shall specify the fees in a clear and written contract between the parties.

Leclère & Consultants shall not accept or request any compensation whatsoever from anyone else except the client.

Leclère & Consultants shall under no condition accept payment from any person for finding this person a job. This principle applies exclusively to the placement activities of Leclère & Consultants.


  1. The agreements between the client and Leclère & Consultants are set down in a written agreement. 
  2. The contract must include, among other items: 
  • elements which guarantee a professional handling of the vacancy (a description of the assignment, a job description, the working method to be followed, the name of the consultant who will manage the project, the terms and conditions of client reporting, etc.). 
  • The term and scope of client employee protection (off limits). 
  • The terms and conditions of candidate follow-up after placement. 
  • A description of the guarantee. 
  • A commitment to respect professional secrecy and discretion. 
  • A commitment to the timing. 
  • Clear arrangements about the fees, costs and mode of payment. 
  • A reference to the certified Membership
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