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Privacy statement

Leclère & Consultants respects your privacy and we acknowledge your rights with regard to the personal data that you provide to us, as well as our obligations, in particular under the recent European legislation (EU 2016/679) more commonly referred to as GDPR. Leclère & Consultants respects the different local, regional, federal, European and international laws on the protection of personal data and has set up procedures in order to comply with these.

The following information states our principles regarding confidentiality as well as our practice regarding collecting, storing and use of your personal information. Leclère & Consultants keeps and processes your personal data for the purpose of offering you job opportunities and solely for this purpose.

The data that you are going to communicate to us is the subject of automated processing by Leclère & Consultants, as processing manager, for the purpose of processing and managing your application. This data processing is necessary to implementing your application. The data will be kept for five years after the last contact with the applicant if he is not assigned the job. In case of employment, the data may be kept by the employer for the entire duration of the work contract. The data recipients are the HR department. As part of his processing operations, the processing manager undertakes not to send your personal data outside Leclère & Consultants and outside the European Union. You have a right to access, rectification, and in case of legitimate reasons deletion, limitation and objection to processing your data. You also have the right of portability of your data and the possibility of giving instructions concerning your data, in the event of death. You may exercise these rights by sending an email to the following address

It refers to data contained in your CV, your cover letter and the information with which you have provided us as part of our exchanges. It generally refers to the following data: 

  • Name, First name(s); 
  • Contact details (address, telephone number, email address); 
  • User name and password or code if you register on the Leclère & Consultants sites; 
  • Employee identification number; 
  • Date of birth; 
  • Driving licence number; 
  • Contents of other identity documents communicated to Leclère & Consultants for the purposes of application or employment; 
  • Studies and career background; 
  • Skills and professional experience; 
  • Professional qualifications or certifications; 
  • Membership of professional organisations; 
  • Any other information contained in a person's Curriculum Vitae (CV); 
  • Nationality and work permit situation; 
  • Handicap and health information; 
  • Contact details of next of kin or people to contact in case of emergency; 
  • Information originating from, or connect with, public profiles that you have published on social media platforms or employment sites (like LinkedIn or Stepstone); 
  • Information provided by references and; 
  • Information concerning your interests in terms of career, your preferences and your qualifications.

The personal information collected, processed and kept by Leclère & Consultants is limited to that which we need to assess applications, match up applications with potential jobs, employ people, propose placing applicants with clients, refer people for jobs with clients, provide general services for job searching, carry out data analyses on employment, or the data needed for our other obligations as an employer, recruiter or employment agency.

Leclère & Consultants holds its associates and suppliers responsible for maintaining the confidence you are placing in us when you communicate your personal data to us. Your information is only used or communicated in the way described in this privacy statement.
To ensure your recruitment is managed efficiently, your personal information may be communicated to the employers with whom we work. Any commitment with our clients is governed by appropriate contractual requirements prohibiting the use of your personal information for any purpose other than that stated by Leclère & Consultants, while requiring that the third party applies appropriate technical and administrative security mechanisms to prevent incorrect use, disclosure or access to your personal information.

When you register on our site or you send us your application, you explicitly consent to us keeping the personal data that you have provided for a minimum period of 5 years. After that period, we will resend you an authorisation request to continue to keep it.
Anonymous data does not identify you and is not concerned by this privacy statement. When information is collected by other interactions, it will only be used as part of this interaction, unless otherwise expressly stipulated.

Stéphanie Leclère,
Managing Director,
On behalf of S. Leclère & Consultants SPRL

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