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Our Candidates Charter

We attach great importance to ethics in our work.

Matching our candidate with the client's expectations must be perfect. The personal development of the candidate is one of the essential criteria. We do not propose a candidate if we think he will struggle in the job, or push a candidate to accept a job if we believe he will not be happy in the position.

To ensure the respectful handling of your file and as a Certified Member of Federgon, we respect this code of ethics (click here to read the full text): 

  1. The potential candidates receive complete and objective information about the vacant position and required profile so they can decide whether it is an opportunity for them to participate in the selection procedure. 
  2. When a candidate provides his CV, a reply is always given within ten working days. 
  3. Leclère & Consultants show particular discretion and care when approaching candidates during their professional activities. 
  4. In the course of the procedure, the candidate is entitled to receive all useful information about the company and how it's organised, about the position and working conditions, as well as about the current phase of the procedure and the name and contact details of the consultant who is handling his application. 
  5. The candidate must be treated with respect throughout the procedure. In accordance with this principle, a candidate is only introduced to the client after agreeing to do so and after being briefed by Leclère & Consultants. 
  6. Upon request, the candidate has the right to consult personal data saved on file. In connection with this right to consult personal data, the candidate may also request a copy of his file. 
  7. Candidates who applied for a specific vacancy may request a certificate stating the date and time of their visit to our offices. 
  8. References shall only be used if the candidate has given his written authorisation (possibly by e-mail). The explicit mention on the CV of a person who can be contacted for references automatically implies such an authorisation. 
  9. In the event of a specific vacancy, Leclère & Consultants undertakes to inform all candidates of the decision taken with regard to their application within two weeks after the decision has been taken. Leclère & Consultants may consider requests for a feedback interview. 
  10. Leclère & Consultants respects the privacy of candidates. We shall only request and use personal data for an assignment and with the permission of the candidate. 
  11. Leclère & Consultants ensures that any questions or tests are relevant in terms of their duration and content for the assignment at hand. 
  12. The employees of Leclère & Consultants must behave respectfully, impartially and in a non-discriminatory manner (no discrimination based on gender, disability, race, age, etc.), and their actions are based exclusively on their professional conduct. A distinction can however be made if this is relevant to the position to be filled or if it is legally required or authorised. 
  13. In the interests of the candidate, the employees of Leclère & Consultants maintain a certain 'professional distance'. In other words, they keep their professional and personal roles separate. If such an overlapping of roles exists, it will be communicated. 
  14. We shall not charge any fees to the candidate for any reason whatsoever in the context of our recruitment activities.
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